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You’re not going to tell my mother, are you? She really likes you and she thinks it’s really nice of you to keep an eye on me when she has to work late. She doesn’t know that you like to look at young cuties and what a little teen slut her baby girl is, does she! Lol
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Daddy/Daughter Incest Roleplay

I always love to receive your naughty emails telling me about the fantasy you want to play out when you call.
I just received this Daddy/Daughter Incest Roleplay.

Hi, Allie –

You have been such a naughty girl! Listening to Daddy while he beats off! But it gets you really hot, doesn’t it? You just love playing with yourself while you listen outside his door, don’t you? It just makes you cum and cum and cum, doesn’t it? It gets you really hot because you listen Daddy talk about all those naughty things he wants to do to YOU!!!

You’re my HOT HOT HOT just turned teen daughter, and you know how much you turn Daddy on…You would just LOVE for him to do all those things to you, wouldn’t you? So, one day, you sneak around and you find all those naughty movies on Daddy’s PC! Mommy would be really, really mad if she found them, so you now you have something on Daddy…You wait until you get a chance when Mommy’s out of town….

You cum into Daddy’s bedroom, and you have on nothing except the slinkiest thong ever…not much more than a band aid with two pieces of round fabric that just barely cover your got little pink nipples, all connected by fishing line…for all intent and purposes, you’re completely naked…

I’m not going to post the whole thing, because I don’t want to give away the really good parts!
Call me and we can play out this fantasy or any ageplay fantasy or little girl sex with daddy fantasy you want! 😉

Daddy/Daughter Incest Phone Sex:


Dirty Little Teen Tease

I’m such a dirty little teen here, teasing the camera and showing off my ass!
I love the way your cock grows stiff in your pants when you look at my puffy little nipples and young teen cunt.
I may be young, but I learned at a very young age the effect a little girl tease has on a grown man, and have always used that to my advantage.
Besides, sex is just so much fun and I adore having my little boobies and cunny licked and played with.
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Love the emails!

I would like you to talk sweetly in my ear, giving you dirty little instructions on just exactly how you want me playing with your cock (sort of like a virtual hand job), how to stroke it, how to rub it, when to slow down, when to go faster. You might even make me beg a little bit. We could do a variety of scenarios. You could be:
  • My little teen cock-tease who lives next door, that always taunts me and now is doing it while stroking my cock.
    My daddy’s little girl sitting between my legs just teasing me and playing with my big daddy cock until I can barely stand it
  • My cute young babysitter stroking my cock while I drive you home, stroking and teasing me until I give you a little extra something.
  • My schoolgirl student jacking me off, demanding a better grade before I spurt my creamy cum all over your your pretty little hand.
  • My naughty niece that tempts me into a little incest fun while you tease me with your talented hands until I can barely stand it.

Interested? Let me know.

These are some of my favorite things! I think its HOT and I’d love to pretend that I’m any of these little sluts!! Call me to play!

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Late one night, one of my friends and I got to talking about guys and sex, and she starting telling me a threesome she had with her boyfriend and another girl. She said he loved having two horny girls at the same time!


I had never really thought much about  lesbian sex before, unless you count lesbians kissing at summer camp when I was a young teen. But that wasn’t exactly a lesbian orgy! *giggle*


But after she started talking about lesbians, I was suddenly very curious and I had a million questions about her first lesbian sex.


I wanted to know if a lesbian orgasm felt any different. If she had ever been involved in a lesbian threesome with two other girls. If she had ever used a lesbian strap on or had one used on her. I wanted to hear all her lesbian sex stories.


I’ve seen lesbian porn, and even saw two lesbians making out once at a party. Watching lesbians having sex was pretty hot, but I couldn’t wait to experience my own first time lesbian sex.


I will always love  having hot sex with guys, and will never consider giving that up in favor of lesbian girls; but when she and I went at it like a couple of horny lesbians having teen sex for the first time, it was totally sexy! Now if a guy had been there to join in, it would have been even hotter!


That’s one of the reason that I find two girl phone sex fantasy calls so much fun. Why don’t you call and find out why two little teen phone fucks are better than just one!



From My eMail Box

I bet that my big fat cock would feel good in that tight little bald pussy baby…. Gripping it tighter with every stroke….Are you going to tell me how you love being a “big girl” while you bounce up and down on it baby?… Slapping those cute little titties in my face….Mmmmmm… you wanna taste my hot sticky cum baby? Let me know if you are available… I’d love to do a call with you….


This baby girl loves taking it like a big girl as you lower my tight little pussy on your big fat cock.

Call me daddy!

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Father’s Day Special!



For My Special Daddys for the

Entire Month of June

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Since it was just me and Mom until she married when I was 12, I was always looking for a daddy figure. But since Mom went through a number of boyfriends, I had lots to choose from! I made sure that they noticed me, and loved to climb in their laps for some special attention.

I still love to pretend that I’m that little girl looking for some special daddy loving. Call me and I’ll tell you all about my little girl sex with all my daddys!

Uncle/Niece or Girl Scout Ageplay

New email!

Dear Allie,
I would love it if you could roleplay my cute young niece Haley coming over for a visit to see her uncle in her short skirts sitting on her uncles lap when she squirms her butt makes me so hard wishing that just once she would forget to wear panties so i could slide my candycane into that sweet little butt i would cum so hard or she could lick my lollipop while playing dress up like a little disney princess in pigtails, makeup and glitter. I would grab her by her pigtails and make her choke till i blew my load on her face. maybe you want to be a naughty girl scout who knocks on my door to sell some cookies and i offer you some some of my special milk to go with your cookies.

I would love to play out these scenarios!

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Just A Girl Who Loves Her Job!

I just received this email today from a caller. I always love to get feedback and know that my callers enjoyed their call as much as I did.

I’m such a little slut, that I truly get off on all the taboo stuff and daddy-daughter roleplays are, of course, my favorite.

If you’re looking for a dirty little girl who enjoys playing as much as you do, then give me a try!

To this caller, of course I remember and can’t wait for you to call again!


When I called you about two weeks ago with the “typical” daddy-daughter scenario, your sexy little voice, acting, and imagination drove me fucking wild!!! If it will refresh your memory you were my 7 year old daughter [like I said, typical]. Anyway, I went to call you again the other days for a twenty-minute block with the free email picture plus an additional 3 pictures for $15; but I had to leave a message and then some bullshit happened on my end. To make a long story short [too late], you are absolutely incredible.

I’ll be calling within a few days for my “fix”, and just wanted to kiss your ass a little bit [I would rather do it for real!]