Daddy/Daughter Incest Roleplay

I always love to receive your naughty emails telling me about the fantasy you want to play out when you call.
I just received this Daddy/Daughter Incest Roleplay.

Hi, Allie –

You have been such a naughty girl! Listening to Daddy while he beats off! But it gets you really hot, doesn’t it? You just love playing with yourself while you listen outside his door, don’t you? It just makes you cum and cum and cum, doesn’t it? It gets you really hot because you listen Daddy talk about all those naughty things he wants to do to YOU!!!

You’re my HOT HOT HOT just turned teen daughter, and you know how much you turn Daddy on…You would just LOVE for him to do all those things to you, wouldn’t you? So, one day, you sneak around and you find all those naughty movies on Daddy’s PC! Mommy would be really, really mad if she found them, so you now you have something on Daddy…You wait until you get a chance when Mommy’s out of town….

You cum into Daddy’s bedroom, and you have on nothing except the slinkiest thong ever…not much more than a band aid with two pieces of round fabric that just barely cover your got little pink nipples, all connected by fishing line…for all intent and purposes, you’re completely naked…

I’m not going to post the whole thing, because I don’t want to give away the really good parts!
Call me and we can play out this fantasy or any ageplay fantasy or little girl sex with daddy fantasy you want! 😉

Daddy/Daughter Incest Phone Sex: