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Since it was just me and Mom until she married when I was 12, I was always looking for a daddy figure. But since Mom went through a number of boyfriends, I had lots to choose from! I made sure that they noticed me, and loved to climb in their laps for some special attention.

I still love to pretend that I’m that little girl looking for some special daddy loving. Call me and I’ll tell you all about my little girl sex with all my daddys!

Just A Girl Who Loves Her Job!

I just received this email today from a caller. I always love to get feedback and know that my callers enjoyed their call as much as I did.

I’m such a little slut, that I truly get off on all the taboo stuff and daddy-daughter roleplays are, of course, my favorite.

If you’re looking for a dirty little girl who enjoys playing as much as you do, then give me a try!

To this caller, of course I remember and can’t wait for you to call again!


When I called you about two weeks ago with the “typical” daddy-daughter scenario, your sexy little voice, acting, and imagination drove me fucking wild!!! If it will refresh your memory you were my 7 year old daughter [like I said, typical]. Anyway, I went to call you again the other days for a twenty-minute block with the free email picture plus an additional 3 pictures for $15; but I had to leave a message and then some bullshit happened on my end. To make a long story short [too late], you are absolutely incredible.

I’ll be calling within a few days for my “fix”, and just wanted to kiss your ass a little bit [I would rather do it for real!]

Daddy Daughter Incest Phone Sex

Mommy has been teaching me “big girl” stuff and she says it’s time that I show daddy what I can do.
Mommy is going to watch to make sure that I do everything right.
She says every little girl needs to learn how to please their daddy and she says if I do a good job, she may let me be her little fluffer.
She says I will feel so beautiful with cum all over my face ♥ !
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