Love the emails!

I would like you to talk sweetly in my ear, giving you dirty little instructions on just exactly how you want me playing with your cock (sort of like a virtual hand job), how to stroke it, how to rub it, when to slow down, when to go faster. You might even make me beg a little bit. We could do a variety of scenarios. You could be:
  • My little teen cock-tease who lives next door, that always taunts me and now is doing it while stroking my cock.
    My daddy’s little girl sitting between my legs just teasing me and playing with my big daddy cock until I can barely stand it
  • My cute young babysitter stroking my cock while I drive you home, stroking and teasing me until I give you a little extra something.
  • My schoolgirl student jacking me off, demanding a better grade before I spurt my creamy cum all over your your pretty little hand.
  • My naughty niece that tempts me into a little incest fun while you tease me with your talented hands until I can barely stand it.

Interested? Let me know.

These are some of my favorite things! I think its HOT and I’d love to pretend that I’m any of these little sluts!! Call me to play!