Just A Girl Who Loves Her Job!

I just received this email today from a caller. I always love to get feedback and know that my callers enjoyed their call as much as I did.

I’m such a little slut, that I truly get off on all the taboo stuff and daddy-daughter roleplays are, of course, my favorite.

If you’re looking for a dirty little girl who enjoys playing as much as you do, then give me a try!

To this caller, of course I remember and can’t wait for you to call again!


When I called you about two weeks ago with the “typical” daddy-daughter scenario, your sexy little voice, acting, and imagination drove me fucking wild!!! If it will refresh your memory you were my 7 year old daughter [like I said, typical]. Anyway, I went to call you again the other days for a twenty-minute block with the free email picture plus an additional 3 pictures for $15; but I had to leave a message and then some bullshit happened on my end. To make a long story short [too late], you are absolutely incredible.

I’ll be calling within a few days for my “fix”, and just wanted to kiss your ass a little bit [I would rather do it for real!]